What is a landing page and what goals can it pursue?

A landing page is a specially designed web page that aims to attract the attention of a visitor and persuade them to take a specific action. This action can have various goals, including

  1. Lead generation: The collection of contact data from visitors, such as email addresses, in order to address them in future marketing campaigns.
  2. Sales promotion: The advertising and selling of a specific product or service.
  3. Provision of information: The provision of information on a topic, an offer or an event.
  4. Registration for events: The registration of visitors for webinars, conferences or other events.
  5. App downloads: Downloading a mobile app.

Landing pages are usually simple and focused on the respective target. They often contain clear call-to-action elements such as registration forms, buttons or links to guide the visitor to the desired action. In addition, landing pages are often targeted to specific audiences or advertising campaigns and often contain few distractions in the form of navigation elements or other links to maximize conversion rates. Successful landing pages are often used as part of marketing campaigns to measure and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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