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How teams can organize work with Notion

Flexible teamwork requires flexible tools that adapt to the needs of the team. Notion's flexibility and structure make it the perfect tool for your remote team and your business.

Project Management & Agile Teamwork with Notion

You want to keep track of your projects and digitally integrate colleagues, external employees and customers into the process? With Notion, agile teamwork can be implemented individually for your projects.

Individual Kanban boards, to-do lists and comprehensive comment functions make digital teamwork possible. Tasks can be assigned, feedback can be collected, documents can be shared, meetings can be planned and workload can be recorded. No matter if remote or on-site.

Organize work with Notion

Notion as a central place of knowledge

Bringing the company's knowledge together in one central place and sharing it with all employees is one of the biggest challenges for companies, freelancers and startups. Notion makes it possible to create such a place and, more importantly, keep it alive.

When your team uses dozens of different tools, information gets lost. Remote work requires radical transparency to prevent employees from duplicating work or working in the wrong direction. Notion puts an end to confusing folders and different versions of the same documents.

It's your place of truth.

Notion Wiki

Notion as CRM

The software allows you to store all of your company's important information in one place. From automated lead capture, to a customer database, to a knowledge base.

With Notion, your team stays informed and important information is no longer lost in the inbox. Who can see what information is possible via centralized control of access rights.

Notion as CRM

Organize brand guidelines with Notion

You are looking for a central place where you can define your brand guideline and make it available internally and externally?

Notion offers agencies, startups and companies an easy way to organize this information and keep it up-to-date. Only an up-to-date and living brand guideline helps you to keep your brand consistent.

Brand Guidelines with Notion

Other uses for Notion:

  • Project planning
  • Resource Allocation
  • Task Management
  • Meeting organization
  • Document sharing
  • Customer support
  • To-Do Lists
  • Wiki
  • Learning platform
  • Leader acquisition

What is Notion?

Notion is a collaborative productivity tool for notes, project organization, tasks, databases and more. It's a kind of Swiss Army knife that combines many features that are otherwise only possible with many different tools. The advantage is that all the information is in one place.

In the same workspace where you write notes, you can also add Airtable-style databases, Kanban boards, calendars, checklists, documents and more. You can also embed files from Figma, Google Docs, GitHub, and various other services.

Notion allows for flexible sharing of workspaces. Any team member can edit each other's notes, with a version history to track changes. This makes Notion ideal for collaboration in distributed teams and with external collaborators.

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What is Notion

Notion Features

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Individually customizable permissions
  • API integrations
  • Gantt, Kanban board and calendar views
  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Establishment of a wiki / an internal knowledge database
  • To-Do lists, notes and documents
  • Easy drag & drop editing
  • All functionalities in the mobile app

What our customers say

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"Our website is our business card and should radiate the creative and agile spirit of our agency. Malte and Toby understood this right from the start.
The close and flexible collaboration during the project was characterized by maximum transparency, goal-oriented advice and creative freedom on both sides.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who plays Champions League in terms of expertise and humanity, Kirch & Kriewald is the best choice."

Marco Hussels

Marco Hussels
Project manager

Malte and Toby were the lucky find par excellence for our Webflow relaunch. Both are very good at empathizing with us as customers as well as with our respective target groups and delivering appropriate work results accordingly.

It is a very pleasant and open communication at all times. I am very happy about the Webflow support from Malte and Toby and look forward to all the joint topics we will still be working on.

Laura Gaber

Laura Gaber
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication
wherever SIM

"When it comes to concept and design, Toby and Malte's designs are always on point. Even when I didn't have the point so clearly myself. Kirch and Kriewald have been with me and my company for over 8 years, from website relaunches, microsite development, our print manuals, to trade show booths.

They use exactly what I need with me, no more and no less. Just a godsend!"

Michael Zähl

Michael Zähl
Managing Director
Zähl Elektronik-Tontechnik

"As an architectural photographer, my website is the most important means of communication. It goes without saying that you need a good and reliable partner for this important topic.

With Malte and Toby I have finally found this - after a long search. The two of them deliver substantially good work, contribute their own ideas and are two likeable team players. Thank you for our cooperation!"

Philip Kistner

Philip Kistner
Managing Director

"In the event sector, you need a creative, goal-oriented and effective partner for designs and layouts - unless you implement graphic and studio work in-house. I found this partner in the Kirch & Kriewald agency.

Both in the development of the visual appearance for new event concepts and in the necessary adaptations for existing visuals, I am glad to know Toby and Malte at my side."

Sebastian Lange

Sebastian Lange
Managing Director
zwo zwo eins Konzept GmbH

"We started our collaboration in the summer of 2020 with the successful Webflow relaunch of our corporate website and have since successively expanded it in the area of branding as well. I am very satisfied with the systematic approach, the short communication channels and the convincing results.

Kirch & Kriewald's ideas are inspiring and the implementation very appealing."

Guido Grammatke

Guido Gramatke
Managing Director
VETTEN Krane und Service GmbH

"We have felt that we are in good hands with Kirch and Kriewald for years. What counts for us as a medium-sized company with few personnel resources is the quick accessibility of the two owners, both are very obliging and always reliable.

Agreements are kept and last but not least creativity and ideas are always on a high level. We can recommend Kirch and Kriewald with full conviction."

Marc Herkenberg

Marc Herkenberg
Head of Internal Services
KaRo Kanal- und Rohrreinigungsmaschinen GmbH

"For the relaunch of our website, we found an excellent partner in Kirch & Kriewald, who managed to bring our brand essence to life for our customers.

From the website conception (incl. store connection) to the implementation and ongoing support, we appreciate not only the creative ideas but also the reliable cooperation and proactive consulting. Meanwhile, all print products - from flyers to elaborate coaching tools - are also implemented by Kirch & Kriewald."

Marius Kursawe

Marius Kursawe
Managing Director

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