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Project Details Relaunch philipkistner.com

We have been working with architectural photographer Philip Kistner since 2020 and have now been able to relaunch his website. Together with Philip and his team, we implemented the relaunch in an iterative process.

In addition to the presentation of his impressive pictures, Philip Kistner passes on a high added value of in-depth knowledge on the subject of architectural photography to visitors to his website.

Philip Kistner
Philip Kistner

Philip Kistner: From Architectural Photographer to Expert in Holistic Architectural Communication

An important goal of the relaunch was to focus and sharpen the Philip Kistner brand as a provider of holistic architectural communication. Philip Kistner has recognized that his services go beyond pure architectural photography and that he offers his clients comprehensive advice and high-quality photo and video content. In order to communicate this clearly, appropriate content and areas have been integrated into the website.

The new website presents Philip Kistner as a brand expert in architectural communication and focuses on his holistic services. The aim is to convey to potential clients that Philip Kistner not only provides high-quality photos and videos, but also offers strategic advice and support in the communication of architectural projects. Through well-structured information, case studies and references, Philip Kistner's competence and experience as an architectural communicator is highlighted.

A clear positioning strengthens the trust of potential customers and consolidates the Philip Kistner brand as a leading supplier in this field.

Project detail page

Overview Knowledge Desktop - Philip Kistner
Architectural photography home desktop - Philip Kistner

Services Website Relaunch

Inquiry Page

Overview Knowledge Desktop - Philip Kistner

The Team

Details Desktop Magazine - Philip Kistner

What the customer says

"As an architectural photographer, my website is the most important communication tool. It goes without saying that you need a good and reliable partner for this important topic.

With Malte and Toby I have finally found this - after a long search. The two of them deliver substantially good work, contribute their own ideas and are two likeable team players. Thank you for our cooperation!"

Philip Kistner

Philip Kistner
Managing Director

Mobile View

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Inquiry page - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Project detail page

Overview page - Knowledge - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Projects overview page

Teaser Knowledge - Philip Kistner - Mobile


Overview Magazine - Philip Kistner - Mobile

Magazine overview page

Goals of the relaunch

A contemporary design

In order to meet Philip Kistner's high aesthetic standards, a contemporary design was developed. Care has been taken to keep the design minimalist and draw attention to the photographs. By using modern fonts, color schemes, and a responsive layout, a seamless and engaging user experience was created.

Project detail pages as clear as Philip's imagery

Project detail pages that focus on the client's work, photos and videos: To highlight Philip Kistner's impressive work, special project detail pages have been created. These pages have been designed in such a way that the works are presented in the best possible way. Photos and videos were presented in high quality and with an appealing user interface to delight visitors and give a comprehensive impression of Philip's talent.

Easy maintenance of the website

An important goal of the relaunch was to design the website in such a way that Philip Kistner's team could easily manage the content and updates themselves. This was achieved through a modular design that allows the team to easily edit and update text, images, and other content.

Relaunch projects overview Siedepunkt.de

No-code tools we have used in the project

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Multivariant filter and wishlisting with Jetboost

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