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Webflow is a popular platform for creating individual websites and landing pages. One of the most important features of Webflow are forms that can be used to collect information from users. Unfortunately, forms are susceptible to spam and bots. In this post, we'll introduce two tools, formspark.io and Botpoison, that can help you protect your Webflow forms from bots and spam. How to collect leads effectively.

Formspark: Easily integrate Webflow forms

Formspark is a tool that makes it easy to integrate Webflow forms while protecting them from bots and spam. Here are the steps to integrate Formspark into your Webflow forms:

  1. Create a free account with Formspark.
  2. Create a new form in Webflow and add the desired input fields.
  3. Open the form in the Webflow editor and add the action attribute. Use the action URL provided by Formspark.
  4. Customize the form as required and publish your website.

Formspark checks all incoming form submissions and forwards only valid data, while blocking spam and malicious content.

Botpoison: Invisible bot detection

Botpoison is an advanced tool for detecting and blocking bots. It uses a combination of invisible CAPTCHAs, browser behavior analysis and IP status checking to automatically identify and block bots.

To integrate Botpoison into your Webflow forms, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Create a free account with Botpoison.
  2. Add your Botpoison Secret Key to Formspark
  3. Insert the @botpoison/browser script into the footer code of your website.
  4. Add your public key to the data-botpoison-public-key-attribute of your form.
  5. Save and publish your website.

Botpoison analyses user behavior and detects whether they are human users or bots. If bots are suspected, appropriate measures are taken to block them and protect your forms from spam.

Botpoison protects your company from:

  • Spam messages: Stop bots spamming contact forms and surveys.
  • hacker attacks: Prevent identity theft and brute force attacks on authentication endpoints.
  • Fraud through affiliates and ads: Prevent fake reviews, purchases and votes.



Integrating Formspark and Botpoison into your Webflow forms is an effective way to combat bots and spam and ensure the security of your data. By using these tools, you can ensure that only real users can enter data into your forms. Try them out and protect your Webflow forms from spam today!

Last update:
5.2.2024 11:30

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