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All networks with the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM

wherever SIM offers M2M SIM cards that connect devices to the strongest network via national roaming at any location worldwide.

Continuous improvement of services - taking customer needs into account, always on an equal footing and at eye level: these are corporate values that we at Kirch & Kriewald can identify with perfectly.

Project details

wherever SIM GmbH

Webflow Consulting, Design & CMS Implementation

Since 2021, we have been advising and supporting the marketing and sales team with all webflow, branding and print measures. We were responsible for the structural revision of the navigation and footer, as well as for optimizing the expansion of the topic areas. We also supported the expansion of the SEO measures and carried out various SEO on-page optimizations across the entire site.

In addition to the technical and content-related tasks, we worked with wherever SIM to fundamentally overhaul the design of the website. As part of the relaunch, the aim was to harmonize the branding and the website in order to create a consistent brand image. As part of the Webflow design relaunch, we technically optimized the existing Webflow implementation. The aim was to optimize the page speed as much as possible in order to achieve optimal core web vitals.

If you are also looking for a reliable Webflow agency, we are at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Webflow Design Relaunch - whereversim

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What the customer says

"Malte and Toby were the lucky find par excellence for our Webflow relaunch. Both of them are very good at empathizing with us as customers as well as with our respective target groups and delivering appropriate work results accordingly. When working with both of them, I very often have the feeling that they take the still loose idea from my head, give it the missing finishing touches and then implement it.

The joint collaboration is not only productive and arrives at our desired result without many feedback loops - it is also simply a very pleasant and open communication at all times. I am very happy about the Webflow consulting by Malte and Toby and look forward to all the common topics we will still work on."

Laura Gaber

Laura Gaber
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication
wherever SIM

Webflow Design Relaunch whereversim.de

Home page before relaunch

Home page before relaunch

Homepage after relaunch

Webflow design relaunch whereversim

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About whereversim

Custom icon design

Custom icon design

Optimization Core Web Vitals whereversim.com

In the course of the relaunch, we optimized the technical implementation with regard to improved loading times. Through various structural optimizations, we optimized the webflow implementation.

Core Web Vitals whereversim.de Webflow Relaunch

No-code tools we have used in the project

Notion Logo

Design presentations, handoffs & how-to's with loom.com.

MarkUp Logo

Visual feedback for the website launch process with MarkUp

Weglot Logo

with Weglot

Weglot Logo

Multistep forms
with Webflow

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